Millions of people around the world dream of being an actor. They envision their name being up in lights
around Hollywood and strive desperately to achieve it. However, the harsh reality of it is that very few
actually make it to Hollywood. After all, that is the upper echelon of the acting industry.
Although you can still be very successful, and if you’re determined, talented and hard-working, there is
every chance that you could feature in a blockbuster movie. But, one of the hardest factors is actually
getting your foot in the door. Early on in your career you need to learn, gain knowledge and perfect your
talent. So, why don’t the big producers give opportunities to aspiring actors?

Well, they want an individual that is proven and has taken the time to learn their craft. For this reason,
many actors are relocating from LA to the thriving region of Austin, Texas. The acting industry in Texas
has exploded, and tons of quality work has become available. Yes, you may dream of ending up in
Hollywood, but starting off in excellent movies or TV commercials in Texas can give you a solid
foundation from which to progress.

Once you begin to bolster your resume, the larger acting bookings will eventually present themselves.
This is what many people don’t realise when choosing acting as a career; they believe it’s all glitz and
glam, which is far from the truth.

By accepting high-class roles as an extra in a movie or TV commercial, you can learn all about how the
filming process occurs. You’ll be able to witness what happens behind the scenes, and the sheer amount
of time and effort that goes into making a film. Even some of the great actors that you admire had to start

Another great advantage of doing this is that it will allow you to build connections. This is extremely
important to your career, as landing bigger jobs is often about ‘who you know’ rather than ‘what you
know’. Here at Entourage Agency we supply actors with all of these chances to set them up for success.
Also, since we are based in San Antonio and in Austin, Texas, and have been since 1988, we have
been able to forge a strong reputation within the region. As a result, this empowers us to source
excellent work for all of our actors. But, we also have a noticeable presence in LA through our LA
division. Consequently, we have many connections from which our actors can benefit in their bid to
make it to Hollywood!

All in all, Texas is quickly becoming a breeding ground for talented and successful actors. There is a
vast amount of work available in the area that can allow you to gain valuable experience, enhance your
acting skills, and begin to establish some relationships within the industry.
If you are interested in benefiting from the prospering Texas acting industry, then don’t hesitate to
contact us for further information!